To use a waterproof vibrator

A bit of fun in the bath or shower is for many people the ultimate fantasy – let them come true!

With the extensive selection of waterproof vibrators and super sexy shower products from Love Honey, you can experience the ultimate water fun.

Here you can read what waterproof vibrator the right one for you …

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How do I determine if my vibrator is waterproof?

Some vibrators are as watertight as a sieve. Others are specially designed for use in water and have a special seal that ensures that they continue to work when they are submerged. By checking the product details you can determine if your toy is waterproof. Just look for the label “waterproof”. If the vibrator “splashproof”, it can withstand thorough cleaning with water, but should not be immersed in water.

This water-friendly sex toys can also be found in the category Waterproof vibrator. Each of these vibrators has a rubber ring around the opening, which prevents water can penetrate inward when the lower part is fixed rotates.

If you lose these small rubber ring, the vibrator is not waterproof and should therefore only be used in the bedroom.

In many modern vibrators this rubber ring is already installed in the lower part. nevertheless Always check the description to make sure if your vibrator is waterproof or not.

What kinds waterproof vibrators are there?

Any size, shape or color, there is certainly a waterproof version that is suitable for you!

Some people prefer a discrete when they take time for themselves. A waterproof mini vibrator such as the Tracey Cox Supersex mini vibrator is ideal. It is quiet, yet powerful and therefore a wonderful small vibrator which easily fits in your pocket and you can accompany cosmetic in each shower or bath every world.

And do not worry – even your favorite Rabbit vibrator is available as a waterproof version! The Love Honey Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit vibrator is completely waterproof. This means you do not have to forego the intense double stimulation, after which you yearn so – not even then, if you are dedicated to personal care.

There’s even sex toys for men who have been specially developed for the games in the water. The hydrotherapy pump Bathmate Goliath is ideal to increase the size and to stimulate the stem. Alone with water and the Tracey Cox Supersex twice Silicone Love Ring with Vibration reach powerful stimulation to the lower part of his penis – and of course, you yourself benefit too!